ZEW się budzi Festival in June 2022

In June 2021 we invite you to ZEW się budzi on Mała Scena (Small Stage)

Since the decision of state authorities regarding the permission to organise mass events is not certain and the epidemic risk is still real, we would like to inform you that the 3rd edition of ZEW się budzi Festival, which was planned on 26-27th of June 2021, will be postponed to the next year and will take place on 24-26th of June 2022.

For the last few months we made every effort to keep this year’s date. We discussed this issue, consulted it with experts and analysed possible scenarios. We did everything we could to make it happen but we had no other choice but to make one and only good and reasonable decision which derives from our care about your health and safety, as well as health and safety of all artists, technical teams and Festival workers. We know that now we will have to wait for a very long time to see the next edition of the Festival in a scale and shape we all dream about. We have no doubt that the next year’s event will be unique – we will feel the energy of the wild Bieszczady Mountains twice that much and together we will awake the real call of music and nature at dawn!

Nevertheless, we cannot imagine another year without you, without music and the Bieszczady Mountains. That’s why we are preparing a smaller event: ZEW się budzi Mała Scena 2021, which will take place on 25-26th of June in Cisna. For the sake of safety, we are planning to invite a limited number of participants, bearing in mind all restrictions and precautions. That’s true: the scale will be much smaller, but we’ll get together! After all this time that has been so difficult to all of us, we will again feel the energy of the mountains and the best music! Soon we will inform you who is going to play for you on Mała Scena 2021, what is the price and type of tickets, we’ll also give you info about campsite and benefits that we have prepared for all holders of tickets to ZEW się budzi Festival. Thank you so much for keeping the tickets and being with us. Thanks to all of you for your support, encouragement and belief that one day the world will be beautiful and normal again. We believe in that too.

Tickets to ZEW się budzi Festival

  • All tickets bought for the third edition of the Festival in 2020 and 2021 remain valid and give you the right to participate in the Festival held in 2022.
  • For all of you who keep the tickets and carnets you have already bought, we are going to prepare extra surprises at the new date.
  • If you can’t join us for the Festival held at the new date, you are entitled to have your money returned. Detailed information regarding ticket reimbursement will be included in an email sent to you by our partner eBilet.pl

Line-up of ZEW się budzi Festival in 2022

Most artists who were invited to this year’s edition of the Festival have already confirmed their participation at the new date – we will do all we can to make sure that the line-up remains unchanged. We also hope to surprise you with some positive things!

Tickets to ZEW się budzi Mała Scena 2021 – 25-26th of June, Cisna

  • We’ll inform you soon about the available type of tickets and the place where you can buy them.
  • In pre-sale we’ll offer you exclusively tickets to the whole event, i.e. 2 days (25-26th of June).
  • The pre-sale will include both tickets with and without place on the campsite. Tickets for cars, campers, motorbikes and trailers entering the campsite will be available only on site.

Line-up of ZEW się budzi Mała Scena 2021

Within a few days we will inform you who is going to play on Mała Scena in Cisna in June this year.

Thank you for your support, understanding and being with us!

The Organiser reserves the right to implement organisational changes, including the venue, date, time and line-up, bearing in mind the epidemic situation, health and safety of all participants, artists, technical teams and Festival workers.

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