Pursuant to decisions announced by the government and the continuous risk of epidemic, we regret to inform you that the 3rd edition of “ZEW się budzi” Festival that was planned for September 25-26, 2020, is postponed to the next year and shall take place on June 26-27, 2021. We fought like the Bieszczady bears to keep the September date till the very end. However, we are aware of the risk and uncertainty that has been with us in 2020, that’s why we feel we have made the only possible and reasonable decision in these circumstances, as we care about health and safety of all of you, as well as the artists, technical teams and festival workers.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer, but we do hope that in exactly 333 days we will feel the energy of the Bieszczady Mountains together and experience the best music in better, calmer times!

We don’t want to leave you with the feeling of emptiness and sadness, that’s why we are preparing unforgettable events in autumn, not only in the Bieszczady Mountains: indoor concerts endorsed by the brand “ZEW się budzi” for a limited number of people, respecting all safety standards. Those of you who already bought a ticket to the festival and want to keep it till 2021 shall be given priority of entry. We will inform you about the details soon. There are also other surprises for those who keep their tickets and carnets; we’ll also give you details about that soon.

“ZEW się budzi” Festival is the fusion of music, adventure and nature in the heart of the wild Bieszczady Mountains. Next year we’ll have another chance to break free from everyday chores, feel the real call of adventure in a unique place and listen to exceptional music with exceptional people!


  • All purchased tickets remain valid and give you the right to participate in events at a new date.
  • All participants who keep their tickets and carnets to this year’s edition of the Festival will be entitled to special surprises – we’ll give you detailed information on that soon.
  • If a ticket owner cannot participate in the event at a new date, they are granted a refund. You will be provided with detailed information regarding ticket return via email sent by our partner, eBilet.pl.
  • We’ll inform you soon about a new Festival 2021 ticket sale release date.


Most artists who were invited to perform at this year’s third edition of the Festival have already confirmed their participation next year. We will make every effort to meet your expectations regarding the line-up of the Festival 2021.

We are also working on some surprises for you!

We will keep you updated on our Facebook profile and our website poczujzew.pl

We express our big THANK YOU for being with us and understanding our situation during this time, which is difficult for both organisers and fans. It’s great that you are not giving up on us!

See you next year!
Team of “ZEW się budzi” Festival